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There are 1000 reasons to sell a property.

The 1001 is to do it together. Shall we start?

There are more than 1000 reasons to sell a property. And we have known them all along our trajectory.

Looking for peace and quiet in the mountains. Wanting permanent sea views. The need for more space. The house has become too big. Or simply looking for a better house.

We know that the reason for selling is important, but for us, it is infinitely more important that the whole process is as SIMPLE, EASY and EASY AS POSSIBLE. We want you to forget the stress of selling or buying a property and enjoy what can be a wonderful process.

At PSI Finques we will take care of selling your property in the LEAST TIME, at the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE and with the GREATEST SECURITY and GUARANTEE. So that you only have to worry about enjoying your free time.

YOUR NEW HOME. Finding the property that best suits your DESIRES and NEEDS.


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Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.

— Winston Churchill —


We offer QUALITY over QUANTITY in all our services. A positive and personalised experience, from start to finish.

Buying and selling Homes

Selling or buying your new home should be a HAPPY EXPERIENCE and at PSI Finques we make it possible thanks to an EFFECTIVE, EMPATHIC, HONEST and RESPONSIBLE SERVICE

Real Estate Marketing

Selling or renting your property requires orchestrating a series of ONLINE and OFFLINE actions from the beginning to the end of the process. Those that will make the most of your property and attract the perfect client.

Mortgage Financing

We get the best mortgage conditions for you, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy financial processes. Hand in hand with our FINANCIAL PARTNER.

Our Values

TRANSPARENCY and SINCERITY as the basis of our work philosophy. Always with a large dose of EMPATHY, WARMTH and CLOSENESS. And combined to perfection with the PROFESSIONALISM and COMMITMENT that define us.


If you are selling your property, remember that a good property valuation is the first step to a quick and successful sale. What does our valuation give you?

  • Estimation of the sale and rental price with maximum and minimum prices.
  • Comparison of similar properties in the area.
  • Historical price evolution and market trend in the area.
  • Location of points of interest.
  • Descriptive and graphic consultation of cadastral data of your property.

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